Truffles in BC?

Yeah. Really!

Local grown truffles are exceedingly rare and surprisingly diverse. In British Columbia we are both at the edge of truffles and at the beginning of truffles. It’s a combination that makes for something unique that can’t be replicated anywhere else that we know of.

We have two varieties of native edible truffle that reach the edge of their range (as far as we know!) in the South Coast and Vancouver Island  regions. The Oregon white and Oregon Black truffles extend their habitat into our Douglas fir forests. These same forests are part of the most threatened ecosystem in British Columbia – adding to the scarcity of our truffles.

On the other hand, intrepid orchardists are growing commercial truffle varieties in BC. Three types of culinary truffle are currently being grown. It’s just starting out, but we already have a producing Perigord orchard,  and notably, we have the only producing bianchetto orchard in North America.

The truffle festival is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to sample four of these truffles at our events – mother nature permitting.